Refund Policy

The initial retainer fees are non-refundable under any circumstances. The Consultant will not provide a refund and will expect full payment if the following conditions occur:

  1. After signing the Fee Agreement, the Client decides not to proceed with filing their case for any reason.
  2. The Client fails to cooperate in filing the case with the Visa Office within 60 days of signing the Fee Agreement.
  3. The Client chooses to withdraw their case at any stage.
  4. The Client does not cooperate in the finalization of the case.
  5. The Client disregards or fails to follow the Consultant's advice or instructions regarding acquiring the necessary information, knowledge, education, and skills for a successful immigration process.
  6. The Client lacks proficiency in English or French language and fails to obtain the required credentials.
  7. The Client proceeds for an interview without adequate preparation and without acknowledging or adhering to the Consultant's advice.
  8. The case is rejected after the Client directly corresponds or communicates with the Visa Office, Employer (if applicable), or relevant government agency without written consent from the Consultant.